There’s this old saying that laughter brings us together. The fact is that laughter and comedy play larger roles in our day to day lives. There’s that point in time when you feel connected to funny videos and animations. Many marketers today have realized the benefits and the influence of using funny cartons for contents. They all understand that there are a couple of benefits that this strategy will bring on their company’s online presence.

Over the last few years, I have tried to research much about marketing cartoons and have realized that it’s actually one of the best and the favorite type of media content to publish. This is true because they are funny and attractive.

In this brief, we are going to give some of the main reasons why you need funny cartoons for content and at the same time guide you along. We will end up giving you several ways through which you can use funny cartoons for content. With that said, we will also give you a few chuckles and internalize some social media marketing knowledge.

Before we continue, it’s very imperative to partner with a team of experts that will help you along the way. For the best cartoons and expert tips on cartoon marketing, click here.

Marketing cartoons: your marketing strategy with a hint of humor

Before we get into business, let’s give you some ways through which marketing cartoons can help you. Have you ever thought of using marketing cartoons? Do you know single reasons why you are missing a lot in your marketing strategy if you haven’t thought of marketing cartoons. There are several reasons why you should think of such a strategy. Cartoons are simple humorous drawing that act as an illustrated joke.

If you can make a funny cartoon and publish it, you will realize its powers in marketing. Their impact in a marketing campaign cannot be underestimated and hence can be essential. It can lead to noteworthy results within the shortest time possible which means it works better than a message or a text combined with photos and images.

Why using marketing cartoons is a nice idea

I bet you are already tired of using anonymous graphic creations and photos. You have as well seen a couple of marketers publishing visual cartoons on their websites. But have you ever asked yourself why these marketers and startups are choosing funny cartoons above all the other visual contents? Here is the secret of funny cartoons and the reasons why it’s the most selected style by marketers today.

Cartoons engages in an emotional way

Am sure you have ever watched a cartoon. You have as well seen some cartoon enthusiastic kids. Have you ever asked why they feel at home when they watch cartoons. These cartoons bring fun and joyful memories. Most cartoons that we have watched brings positive messages and are also very educative.

A good marketer would also target using such strategies to make their audience learn more and find peace. Marketing cartoons make your audience feel comfortable and entertained which also teaches them something about your brand.

Cartoons makes your audience feel represented

Most Hollywood firms have used the cartoon strategy that look somehow like the audience which makes them identify themselves. These strategies allow you to craft your characters in the image of the target audience. If such tricks are used in internet marketing, your target audience will feel emotionally close to the brand. Representing your audience will make them get the message in the cartoon and at the same time let them find the story more engaging.

Best for B2C marketing

Cartoons are awesome for business to customer marketing because they are emotionally connecting with your service/product end users. The fact is that every marketer wants to connect with real people but there’s no better way than using cartoon approach. Behind every business, there are end users who act as real characters. This means that if you want a more human approach, marketing cartoons can work perfectly for you.

Favorite for promotions

One thing am sure about is that every customer or any person in the market has a favorite cartoon or movie or even the favorite cartoon character. Talk of Batman, Shaw and many others. What this means is that you have to turn your audience into fans using their favorite cartoon characters. If you animate video and cartoons customers will connect with your brand directly. They will have a picture of their problems and eventually know how your products and services can solve their problems. Likewise, your customers will not only be buyers of your products and services but as well share your videos and eventually promote your brand unknowingly.

How to incorporate cartoons into your content mix

Now that you have a clear picture of all the reasons you should choose marketing cartoons for your marketing strategies, you need do it perfectly. But how do these marketers and startup strategists incorporate cartoons into their content mix? This is what I am about to reveal here.

Limit the jokes

Cartoons are the best because they are the only way to say something that you wouldn’t say in another way. Though, Humor breaks through the noise which doesn’t guarantee you to make jokes at the expense of the audience. Am convinced that there’s something disarming about cartoon humor because there’s fun in it. This is what gives you a little bit of permission but just know customers can see anything they want to see but there’s some limitation.

Don’t be afraid to own your creative-side projects

Your creative side projects lead to advancement at your day job. Creativity has no limits and hence it means you should invest as much energy to your side projects and add some creativity on your online content.

How to use marketing cartoons

There’s no limit to how you can use cartoons in your content publication and product advertisement. What makes the difference is your imagination. Here are some of the ways you can use marketing cartoons.

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Blog Posts
  • Slide and PowerPoint presentations
  • Ads Banners for website
  • Facebook ads
  • Infographics
  • Newsletter
  • Magazines and newsletters advertising

You have all the reasons to use cartoons to further yourself in your next marketing campaign. If it is used the right way, you can end up doubling your conversion. Actually, the newspapers and statistics have already revealed that marketing cartoons can really help you double your conversions.

What makes the biggest difference in this case is how you do it. For this reason, we have provided some ways you can use this to promote your brand.

Create a Buyer persona

This is actually your first step to creating your own brand cartoons. You have to create a fictional buyer persona that is highly based on the knowledge you already have.

This means you have to first of all establish how old is your audience, establish where they come from and eventually gather additional information which will inform your creativity.

It’s time for Humor

What follows now is to find a humorous angle which means you will easily find your customers likings and eventually share a cartoon that matches that perfectly. Check whether there’s any unique feature in the product you want to promote. Now I bet it’s very easy to inject a sense of humor. At this stage, every marketer should as well check whether there are any disadvantages in the competitors’ products which you can make better in your own stand point. All these disadvantages should be brought in your cartoons delicately which makes it very easy for you to connect intimately with the audience and make your content useful.

Use your brand colors and style

To make the cartoon uniquely represent your brand, you have to use your brands colors and style. It means you just have to inject your style and colors from your corporate brand guide into the cartoons. This will greatly help to heighten your brand image.

Get inspiration from the existing clients or your partners

It’s time to involve all the people in your circle. These people can have experience and some ideas that can make it easy for you in creating cartoons. They could have as well received comments from their families and friends that they can easily share with you. Spare enough time to ask around for points and ideas.

It’s time to promote

This is the last stage but the most influential and imperative stage that you should implement perfectly. It’s time to share your cartoons all over the social media which includes Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and instagram. You should as well remember to ask your workmates, your friends and family to help you in sharing. You shouldn’t skip a brand message. In fact, you should use one brand message in all the promotions.

I hope the information above has really helped you. Working alone can be challenging especially when you don’t have the expertise and experience. This means you have to partner with a company or a group of experts to make sure you are crafting something that your audience really wants. The biggest mistake you can make is to create something undesirable.

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