Are you going to develop a blog? To get more audience for your new blog, it is important to use the content that can grab their interest. With the advancement of the social media networks, the marketing or sale of the product has become an easier task. Every sort of career whether it is writing a book or marketing of products, everything has drastically changed. If a person is fond of writing then why don’t he opt it as a career. Social media has made the writing career as one of the successful careers. It promotes the books on such social site which in turn, enhances the sales of the books.

Use of funny cartoons of blogs

As the technology is getting advanced, people are more relying on visual aids or funny cartoons for blog and they are more attracted to it. You can use all types of cartoons categories like cartoons about doctors, humor, medical cartoon, animal cartoons and many more.

An author should pair the book with some attractive cover having the author’s sign at the corner. Moreover, optimize the image for different platforms, so that it is easier to share at any site

Relevant and funny cartoon

Your blog is viewed online and social media is a free forum to connect and interact with your customers. The engagement rate on blog is higher than Facebook, which is enough to prove that more results can be obtained by making the right use of funny cartoons on your blogs. But, one thing has to be kept in mind that people do not want to stay in the groups that provide useless or uninteresting information. So, make sure you are offering good content using a free forum.

Deliver quick customer service

Blogging is a great way to provide amazing customer services. When customers report some complaint or have a query related to your products and services, you can answer them on social media. Everyone has internet access, so there is no way you can be late in replying your customer. With the opening rate of 70%, there is guaranteed exposure of your communication with your customer.

The comment cards used by the brands to gather reviews about their products and services often have the contact details. These details can be used in Blogger groups to gather direct opinion and satisfy the customer in the long run.

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