Our understanding of SEO is mainly based on texts and keywords, but also content such as images, gifs and videos should play a role. On the one hand, they are extremely important to the user experience.

Think about it: If you’re on a web page that looks like a Word document that only contains text on a white background, you do not feel the web site is reliable or memorable. Indeed, research has shown that the likelihood that users read content that contains funny images is 80% higher and 64% higher that they will remember later.

Even cartoons play an important role in the perception of a website. This is important for search engine optimization because the Google algorithm takes into account behavioral metrics that reflect the user experience, such as: B. Bounce rates and the time spent by visitors on a website.

Use relevant and high quality funny cartoon images for your website to get the best search engine optimization and search engine optimization.

This is crucial for the SEO user experience. A funny cartoon image that is not linked to the content of the page is confusing to the user, and a blurry or poorly tailored image will make your page unreliable and unprofessional. Make sure all the pictures you use have a clear relationship to what’s on the page and look good.

You must be careful not to use cartoon content for which you have no rights. However, you can find numerous online resources that provide businesses with free cartoon content. Spend some time on each page you create, and post it on the blog where you post it to find at least good content. Receiving bonus points gives you the best PageRank and the best search engine optimization. Always try to improve your content while you deploy it.

If you use comic content that people will certainly like, but the main thing is how you have it at hand so you can achieve a better Page Rank SEO of your websites. And you can try more funny cartoon content as if we had more ideas about the content of the cartoons site. Here are some examples to help you determine the best options. Likeā€¦

cartoons on the internet 

family drawings

Cartoons for children

school drawings


free cartoons

Cartoons always

Free golf cartoons

Cartoons pc

You will always know that your content (and the rest of your website) will be displayed as it should be for your visitors.

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