Always use funny cartoon images for your website if you want to improve your rank and SEO.

With careful use, funny pictures help readers to better understand your article, and encourage readers to read as they entertain the reader. This is a great way to increase the rank of your site and your SEO. Also, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is probably not Google’s, but it’s true that you have to spice up a thousand boring words, illustrate your words with funny cartoons, and that’s it. It’s really a great way to explain your words without saying a word. It depends entirely on the reader, as he takes it in his own words.

This is a simple recommendation: you must add images to each website you create online to make them more appealing. As visual search becomes more important, as Google’s vision for the future of research shows, it can generate some traffic for you. If you have visual content, it may be a good idea to include the SEO image a little higher in your to-do list.

Your website needs funny cartoon pictures on your topic. The image should reflect the subject matter of the publication or for illustration purposes on the website. Try to place the image next to the corresponding text. If you are trying to rank a main image or a main image, try placing it at the top of the page if it makes sense.

We have some of the options that allow you to create your own websites. Here are some examples:

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Hospital cartoon Images

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Funny daily drawings

Funny free cartoon lawyer

Computer Cartoon Pictures

Funny happy cartoons

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Funny website content

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Cartoons always


Add a image to your website to rank your site and improve the quality of contents.

Although Google recognizes the content of an image more and more, you do not have to rely on your skills.

Your funny image is now ready to use, but do not paste it anywhere in your website . As mentioned before, it is very helpful to add it near the content of the text. This ensures that the text for the image is as relevant as the image for the text.

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